me and not me — the imbalance in the harmony

I am human, writing and reading this post, I am so much concerned about my privacy, security & my life that, I almost think, I am the center of the universe.

Luckily, I am able to see myself in center, since mankind has evolved so much. I get to think about privacy, entertainment & facility. I see myself at some level and that is being fulfilled over or in comparison to animals.

For an animal (livings other than humans), that is not the case. It can’t think of privacy, entertainment or facility today.
It needs to look for ways to survive, to get aware of dangers and to protect itself. Its ego is not getting fulfilled.
I am thinking about cow, hen, pig, rabbit, sheep, elephant, mosquito, cockroach, tree,… ; & what happens to them during their life time.

Every living, has sense of self — ego, which makes it realize, the identity of itself; in which, the self is or in the center of the universe.
I will take the ego — अहम् in a neutral way.
e.g. how do I operate myself until I don’t identify myself different from the world.
Because, — I work in the world —
— for myself —
That means, world and I are 2 different entities.
So the ego provides the sense of identity, that I am a different entity than this world.
Therefore, every living, sees itself as the center of the universe. Therefore, it is a living being. It is being to be living.


*the ‘sense of self’ I have, and an animal has; is the same*

my ‘sense of self— ego’, is getting fulfilled & an animal’s ‘sense of self — ego’ is not getting fulfilled; today!

Humans didn’t invent the ‘sense of self — ego’, it was given same to all living beings by nature.
That means, ‘sense of self — ego’ is natural / organic.
That means, to act against someone’s ego(given by nature); is unnatural / inorganic
i.e. not in harmony(एकरूप) with nature.

So (from the sentence above)I know, this is an imbalance.

If I know the imbalance and I don’t care or act then,
either I am in ignorance (अंधकार / अज्ञान) — or
my ego is bigger today (the sense that my existence matters than the existence of others) — or

If I care and want to act upon it, then;
the natural & harmonious way to do it is —

to not interfere with anyone’s ‘sense of self’ for my ‘sense of self’

If I want to make balance, then there are 2 ways I can think of;
either my sense of ego should be hurt (unnatural), — or
an animal’s sense of ego should be unaltered (natural).

Natural way is the harmonious way, to bring balance of harmony between me and the one which is not me.
and that is — not to alter the ‘sense of self — ego’ of the other living beings AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE (making sure I am neither in ignorance, nor my ‘sense of self’ is being bigger than the ‘sense of self existence’ of others) and spread awareness about this.
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