Google Analytics Annotations & WordPress

If you use WordPress & Google Analytics, there is one feature that I see go un-noticed all the time, Annotations within Google Analytics.

Annotations should be added in Google Analytics anytime these changes occur in WordPress:

  • WordPress is updated.
  • Separate annotation for each plugin that is updated.
  • Plugin is activated/deactivated or removed/added to WordPress.

My guess is if you just took over a site, or been too busy, you may not have done this on a regular basis. The good news is many times you can check the version history for WordPress or your plugins and use those dates. Even if it is not exactly when the changes were performed for your particular site, it might not be too far off, and can be useful to reference.

It’s been forever requested that the Google Analytics team offer API support for annotations. If this was the case a plugin could quickly be written to handle this task automatically. I would also like to see them add support for specific times as well.

With no near ETA on either of these features coming, maybe it’s something the Jetpack team can roll out for Jetpack Stats.

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