Men Who Try To Kill Me
Kiva Bay

There’s a lot going on here. First, Kiva is being abused by a guy who is mentally disturbed. As a southern, white male I, along with ALL of my conservative friends, believe that anyone who hits a woman is mentally disturbed. He needs counseling and/or someone to stomp a mudhole in him and then walk it dry.

But Kiva wasn’t satisfied with telling her terrible tale. She decided to get political. Sadly, her political stance is based on wrong information. I don’t know if she’s lying (she knows it’s wrong but says it anyway) or merely mistaken. Either way it’s incorrect.

But the other issue is that she, and a lot of other people, don’t understand how real insurance works. Have you heard the analogy of trying to buy fire insurance, while your house is on fire? All other insurance companies are allowed to charge higher prices for people who are a higher risk of needing to use whatever insurance they’re wanting to buy.

Want to buy life insurance even though you smoke, are morbidly obese or have HIV? You’ll pay more in premiums. Want to buy car insurance even though you average a totaled vehicle every 12 months? You’ll pay more. Want to buy health insurance even though your boyfriend puts you in the hospital every 7 months, or you have diabetes, heart disease or both? You’ll pay more in premiums. Happens everyday in America.

We don’t have a health insurance problem in America. We have a health cost problem. Medical care just costs too much. And what the GOP is trying to do to healthcare, has nothing to do with what we are charged. If we really wanted to fix American healthcare, we would do this

Want to lower your health insurance premiums? Quit smoking, eat right, get some exercise and, oh yeah; buy a gun, learn how to use it and shoot your “boyfriend” who uses you as a punching bag. That’s what I call a “trigger warning”.

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