Honest question, as I want to understand what I see as one of the major points of divergence in…
Garrett W Hodgson

It’s a fair question. Here’s my take, others will likely disagree…

Many government programs are inefficient, plagued by bureaucratic red tape, have high instances of fraud, etc. These issues result in below average services delivered at above average costs.

Look no further than the entitlement programs like Medicare, social security and veterans benefits. Medicare overpays for drugs, underpays hospitals and care providers and is generally difficult to understand and use for consumers. Social security has been run into the ground by irresponsible politicians robbing the social security coffers to pay for their imbalanced budgets. Now we have a disaster that current and future generations will deal with due to the irresponsible leadership of past generations. My final example really needs no explanation due to the widespread coverage in program deficiencies and that program is veterans benefits. It’s appalling how we have treated our veterans in this country. There is no better example of the ineptitude of government than the way our veteran programs have been mismanaged.

This is why I think the less the government runs the better off we are as a nation.

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