My Year as a Self-starter Programmer in Review
Alin Rauta

I bow to you and your hard work that you have put in learning coding. After reading your story I am right now in a position where I am unable to make a conclusion.

Let me tell you my story first. I started coding when I was in 12th and then completed a in computer science , followed by two years of work experience in the IT industry in a very well know firm. So if you see I have spent around 7 years roughly in this field. I have also been exposed to production side code and worked with clients such as Cisco. Truth to be told ,I never.. Never did I like coding. I feel so lost to understand the code , I hate reading logs and those meetings where I scratch my head hard.

When I get opportunity to enhance code , I fear at my incapability. I tried learning so many languages and I get bored in between. I even tried getting motivation from other developers and people who have made it high in the industry but it would never help me in the long run. I just couldn’t connect. I then decided to make a switch in my career and I am yet not sure what to make into. After reading your post I am again torn in between this. Believe me it so hard for me. I feel like I am a quitter. Am I the only one who hates coding ?