Amazing Accommodation in Guwahati Provides Ample Guest Privileges

With a song in your heart and a smile on your lips, trip along to the picturesque major riverine port-city of Guwahti and one of the fastest growing cities in India! Situated scenically on the southern bank of the fast flowing Brahmaputra river, this charming city is the largest city of Assam and visited regularly by a constant stream of visitors! Amazing accommodation in Guwahati ensures that savvy passengers are provided with ample modern amenities and guest conveniences for a memorable stay!

Lucrative Guwahati hotel deals give intrepid visitors great value for money and give you plenty of choices to select the package most suitable to your needs. With gleaming wooden interiors, starling fuschia pink cushions and duvets to brighten up the furnishing, cheerfully glowing lamp and luscious fruit platter to tempt you, for starter, there are a melange of munificent packages to welcome you!

Such tempting Guwahati hotel deals encapsulate The Steal Deal where you save big on last minute discounts and get a whopping 20% off on the best available rate, subject to room availability of course! Or enjoy a 15% off on the best available rate by availing of the Early Bird Bonus, if you make your reservations one week in advance. Still better, take advantage of the superior Early Bird Super Bonus offer and get a substantial 20% discount if you book as much as 20 days in advance of your stay! Enjoy the wonderful Weekend Offer with 40% off if you stay Friday , Saturday and Sunday. Or book for a longish stay with 4 nights or more and get 25% off on the Bar. So revel in accommodation in Guwahati.