If we haven’t have the energy to do something, it is nothing but the laziness.
Bhupendra Kumar

May be! but without knowing you all, I can’t comment on you.

Let me ask you a question. According to you, the person suffering from bipolar disorder type I in mania can’t procrastinate, right? But I felt they procrastinate when it comes to the executive functioning because they are always on their default mode network of the brain.

This is the biggest problem with mania. Execution functioning of pre-frontal cortex is hijacked by the default mode network and they procrastinate unconsciously from the fruitful work. I call it laziness since they don’t invoke thinking mind to play a role and attaching a bad word laziness actually invoke it.

We all want to be a victim of the situation. But in my opinion, it does not help in the long run. Best wishes!

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