Why Facebook Sucks — 10 Reasons why FB is Bad for your Business

B Singh
B Singh
Sep 22, 2017 · 3 min read

Facebook allows you to create business pages and personal pages but it is not the right place to promote your business in any way. Maybe your business page has 10,000 or 50,000 followers, but chances are that none of your posts are being read by your followers.

If you try to communicate with your followers, chances are that you will get blocked without any reason. The worst part is that you can retreive your lost banking id/username or password, but you can never ever retreive your blocked Facebook Account.

Reasons why Facebook Sucks Big Time

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Let us read some of the top 10 Reasons why Facebook Sucks from Business Perspective

1) They have no customer care if your account is locked due to any reason. If your account is compromised or locked due to any reason, you do not have any point of contact.

2) You are not supposed to add your personal ID’s to Facebook. Come one ! It is not your banking account.

3) You can recover your lost banking password by visiting your bank, but you can never ever restore your account if it is locked due to some security issue. Even if you provide your ID, there are no guarantee that your account will be unlocked.

4) You are not Reaching Your Fans! — Even if you have 10,000 or 100,000 fans on your page, most of these users will never get any notification when you post any message on your page. Fans do not engage with business on Facebook.

5) You Do not have any Control of the Platform. You are Only “Renting (without any Rent)” Your Business Page to Facebook!

6) Facebook should never be used for business purposes. If you think you can get plenty of exposure from your customers then you are highly mistaken.

7) Facebook was fined for 1.2 Million Euros for passing customer details to 3rd party marketing agencies without informing users.

Also Fined for Whatsapp Acquisation

8) Facebook is loosing its popularity day-by-day to other reliable social networking sites like Instagram.

9) Facebook will ask you from your photo, IDs and all the details which must never be shared on Social Networking site. Come on Mark zuckerberg ! It is not my BANKING ACCOUNT where I would be sharing such crucial data.

10) You Don’t own Your Customers’/Fans’ Data — This is the most important part. Whatever fan base or friends you have made on Facebook, they are not your business property. It is the property of Facebook. If you are locked out of your FB Page/Account, chances are your years of hard-work will go down the drain.

Once your account is locked, you can only pray and do some magic spells in spare time. You can try Mantra Chanting too.

Once you are locked out of Facebook, it is a better opportunity to move to websites where real users are such as Medium, Twitter and many more.

How to Safeguard yourself and your Business from Facebook

1.Stop making Facebook the center of your relationship marketing efforts. If you are a business owner then you must never rely on Facebook. Your years of hardwork can go down the drain if your account is locked for any reason.

2.NEVER EVER USE Facebook Common Login on ANY of your Business Page. If your Facebook Account is locked, you will get locked out of all other common login accounts on multiple websites.

3. NEVER EVER UPLOAD your personal IDs and other crucial information which you use in your Banking Account ever on FACEBOOK.

Facebook You Suck !

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