Day 5 : Learning and angular app deployment on Heroku

Today started with 2 Tasks in my bucket.
  1. Creating architecture flows for our firms training documentation.
  2. Learning about Docker Cloud and Docker Data Center.

How I approached the day……
  1. I started creating flow diagrams on KeyNote. Its a great tool for creating flowcharts and presentations. Though I used it for first time, I found it to be easy and worth the time. Only concerns I had were it was unable to offer variety in shapes. Therefore I switched to This tool helped me creating good flows for my presentation as it offers vast number of symbols that we require while creating networking diagrams. Finally I was able to complete my task, once I was happy with the end result.
  2. I started learning about Docker Data Center, but it turned out that one of my teammates required guidance with deployment of the app he created on Heroku. I took a look at the stacktrace and was able to figure out where the error was. I suggested few code changes to him as the app should point to correct mongoDB instance. I was able to teach him about MLab.

Overall, today I learnt about Heroku and Both utilities are quite helpful for developers and I will be making documentation for them in near future.

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