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OpenAI gym is an environment for developing and testing learning agents. It is focused and best suited for reinforcement learning agent but does not restricts one to try other methods such as hard coded game solver / other deep learning approaches.

Why should I use OpenAI Gym environment?

  1. You want to learn reinforcement learning algorithms- There are variety of environments for you to play with and try different RL algorithms.
  2. You have a new idea for learning agents and want to test that- This environment is best suited to try new algorithms in simulation and compare with existing ones.
  3. Want to train agent on cases that we don’t want to model in reality- Deep learning requires lot of training examples both positive and negative, and it is hard to provide such examples, for example training self driving car to about accidents, it is important that self driving car knows what and how can accidents happen and it costly as well as risky to model it in real world. …


Bhushan Sonawane

Apple CoreML Frameworks | PyTorch Developer | Like to build new neural networks and tools to create one

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