Travel to Bhutan - Everything you need to know

What and where is Bhutan?

Can barely see Bhutan on this map ©

Tourism in Bhutan

Tip: Book directly through a local Bhutanese travel agent, save costs on commissions added on by middlemen.

Peak tourist season: US$ 250/night per person (Mar, Apr, May, Sep, Oct, Nov)
Lean tourist season: US$ 200/night per person (Jan, Feb, Jun, Jul, Aug, Dec)

Tip: To differentiate themselves (as they can’t do on price), tour operators may provide extras. So, feel free to ask.

How does the tour booking process work?

Tip: Avoid travel agents that offer you a rate that is much lower than the minimum package rate. They are probably pulling tricks. You don’t want to be party to such practice and break laws before you even set foot in Bhutan.

Tip: Ensure you are transferring the payment to TCB’s bank account (the ultimate beneficiary will be the tour operator). Since 2017, you can also make online payment using Bank of Bhutan’s payment gateway.

The best time to travel to Bhutan

Getting to Bhutan

Paro International Airport
View from your plane window. Photo credit: youtube

Tip: If you are planning to visit Bhutan during the high tourist season, plan and book your trip at least 3 to 4 months in advance as airline seats and hotel rooms get fully booked.

Phuntsholing Gate

Popular places to visit and things to do

Hotels and accommodations in Bhutan

Tip: It is best to decide and ask your travel agent to arrange your choice of accommodation in advance during your tour booking process.


Watch Mark Wiens take on traditional Bhutanese food

Tip: During your tour booking, mention your dietary preferences to your travel agent so that they can better plan the food and restaurants for your itinerary


Roads in Bhutan are for the most part fine
But, you’ll sometimes be traveling on some stretches of roads like this :P

Tip: Bring along your motion sickness medications if you are prone to getting car sick. These twisty roads are much worse than the expressways you’re used to.

Phone and internet

Tipping for services

Other important tips and advice



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