Sep 24 · 1 min read

Hey Yu Chen, please take a look at my problem statement.

MySQL RDS is my master node. I want Aurora as a read replica for my reporting purpose. Once you created an Aurora Read Replica for the normal RDS, two considerations here.

  1. Now only one aurora node, so it is the master node for aurora cluster.
  2. But according to the setup, its a slave of RDS.

How many aurora nodes I’ll get due to Autoscaling that doesn’t matter. For me Aurora is only for Read purpose. So I don’t want to waste the Aurora Master node. You can get the reader endpoint for aurora read replicas. But that will not route the queries to Aurora master. In most of times, I’ll have only one aurora node(which is master), during the spike I’ll get read replicas.

In short words,
I want to use all aurora nodes to read purpose. So my custom endpoint should cover this master as well.


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