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Minimalism Series — Introduction

The things you own, end up owning you.” — Tyler Durden in Fight Club

A few months back I came a TED talk by the “minimalists” who started this blog talking about minimalism and how they changed their lives cultivating their passions into something big. Minimalism isn’t something which is going to turn you into a different person but maybe a more simple yet elegant human being who is more engaged and interested in life in general.

Minimalism in simple words is the art of letting go and living with less.

You may ask less in terms of what? Literally everything. Use the things you use daily and give away or donate the things which serve no purpose but are always present in your life. The speakers of the TED talk mentioned an experiment where they packed all the stuff they had in their house and put it in the basement. Well the experiment was to see what are the things that they used daily and shockingly they found out that there were too many excessive things which had no use on a day to day basis. Life is supposed to be simple and is supposed to have a meaning. Being a hoarder isn’t why we come to this planet. We all have a reason for existence which is adding value to other people’s lives. Even the things that you might use on a day to day basis are supposed to add value to your life and not just sit there in your house waiting for it to be used like you imagined before you bought it.

An average American owns about 300,000 items in their house out of which may be 10 or maybe 15 items are used on a weekly basis, may be even more but of course lesser than 300,000. Now just imagine out of those things that you usually have and you think you might need it in the future, do you ever reach that point of time when you use it. Maybe or maybe not. You can’t go based on probability here, either you use it or you don’t, simple as that.

Minimalism is about making your life simpler and less cluttered from your desktop to your phone to your bed to the way you dress and the list goes on…… Simple is perfect, simple is easy, simple is elegant, that’s why the color white is so powerful and portrays the meaning of minimalism. So, simple, yet so powerful and elegant. The reason for this article isn’t to tell you that you should throw away everything or delete everything from your phone but have the things which you would be using for an extended period.

Even with social life, you will meet a million people in your life but you can’t maintain the relationships with so many people because you prioritize people and relationships which are significant and are very close to you. Even with memories, you might have so much stuff from your loved ones who might have passed away, but the things which you keep aren’t anything but memory triggers and make you think about the past times with that loved one of yours. Memories are always there with you, you don’t need things to remind you about a person who you love, maybe a photo or two are fine but keeping each and everything that they once owned is reducing the space in your own household no matter how much those things mean to you.

We cannot dive into such a materialistic world where only stuff can connect humans. We were made to improve each other and help each other rather than thinking about what you may buy with the money that you have tomorrow; you might be waiting for a new product and not actually giving importance to the people that matter to you and the day they’re gone you realize you should’ve payed attention on your relationship.

Being a minimalist taught me that prioritizing the things that I want from life and the people I want to be with, makes my life simpler in terms of what I want to achieve in this sea of opportunities that we call life. Minimalism is a great way to give yourself some room to breathe in a world of hoarders and materials. No matter how much money you make, no matter how much you buy, it will never be enough, it will never give you the happiness that people will give you.

Minimalism has no rules which makes it so personal because you can decide how you want your version and you decide how you want to implement in your life. To some it is the amount of things they own, to others the way they dress or how they organize themselves and the list goes on. But the end goal for everyone is the same, use things in your life just for its purpose not to be replaced by attachment or feelings. Things are meant to be used and people are meant to be loved. This is what minimalism is all about.

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“Love People and Use Things Cause the Opposite Never Works ”

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Bhuwan Bansal