Minimalism Series — Noise

“Every little thing
that you think you need,
that is just feeding your greed,
I bet you will fine without it”

Coming back to the topic of minimalism in this short article, I want to talk about cutting down the importance of excess social media content, adverts, and work in your life. Everyday we’re consuming, looking at these ads online telling us

what to do,

what products to buy to look better,

what is in trend,

what workouts we should buy to stay in shape,


Let me ask you something, how have you been living without all those things till now?

You don’t need to consume those things if it is simply a time waster in your life. We don’t need to be told what we should be buying. We know what our priorities are and what we need. Just because we have our smartphones and we have social media content on it doesn’t mean we have to go through all the click bate content. It not only wastes your time but you miss out on the real life experiences. I’m not saying consuming content on the smartphones is a sin, I’m just suggesting to consume content that adds value to your life such as articles on medium ;-).

We often have these urges to go through a feed of content on our smartphones just because there is new content every other minute but it does not really add any value to our lives instead it makes us procrastinate and distract us from our work.

This excess noise sometimes holds us back from enjoying our lives and sets us up for a never ending loop. Time is something which never comes back and is the only thing you can decide how you want to spend it.

Through minimalism I’ve found a way to cut off the excess noise in my life that used to distract me to a point where I lost focus in my life. As you know I’m a tennis player currently competing in national tournaments therefore I’ve to focus on my health the most but in the past I’ve spent so much time on social media “trying to impress others” that I didn’t focus on my fitness goals which made me extremely lazy in matches.

Minimalism is a journey which helps you declutter your way to a healthier body and mind. Since I’ve been a minimalist I try to consume as much content related to my interests as possible. While travelling I have spare time in which I can choose to invest in myself. Again emphasising how you can choose to how and where to spend your time.

There are a lot of people living a superficial life online and they “claim” they are happy. But who really knows what their story is ? Minimalism taught me that life is not a race, nor it is making more money. Life is about finding true meaning in your work and your relationships rather than chasing happiness which for most people equals more money. However, it turns out more money is not the answer to happiness at all.

I’m not trying to impose my thought process or asking you to be a minimalist. This is just me sharing my knowledge about how a more simplistic life can make such a huge impact in our lives.

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“Love people and use things, cause the opposite never works”

Thank You