The Empress Has No Clothes: The Dark Underbelly of Women Who Code and Google Women Techmakers
Marlene Jaeckel

This shows what I’ve grown tired of. I’ve said for years that we need more women in tech, but I want those women to be in tech because they love coding, love technology, and love the industry. Not to meet some stupid ideological quota based on gender politics. The industry is merit based, you get promoted and praised for doing the job. Your businesses thrive because of the merit in your ability to run it and meet the demands placed on your company. So it really makes me sick that they are trying to ruin all that just because your views are based in reality and not in their delusional world of feminine rule in the guise of blanketed equality. It’s truly a shame that those whom claim they want equality are more divisive and harmful to all industries than just leaving them as is. The tech industry is inclusive and has to continually fight this fictional “sexist, patriarchal” angle just because of women like those mentioned in your experience who only care about gender and nothing else to the point where they lie and play the victim card. I think 2017 is the year we all start combating the fiction of the industry with the fact, start encouraging young girls and women to pursue their interests in coding, databases, software development, game development, et. al., and time to get these culture critics, social justice fanatics, and lying snakes out of the industry, not just this industry, but all industries.