Misogynistic MRA Bob Chipman Cries Male Tears Over All-Female GhostBusters
Rachel Banks

This was an interesting hoax, satire, whatever you want to call it. Using a doctored hairstyle model photo didn’t help the matter either. Feminists eat their own for the same minute details, but I think several well known anti-gamergate fems would have attacked instead of a few nobodies. I didn’t see Wu, Leigh, Quinn, Anita, or any of the regular grunts harping at Bob for his comments so it apparently wasn’t that bad. I don’t see how anyone would want to see the movie as the neon lighting effects and ghosts make it look like they asked Pixar to help make the damn thing. Again, while this is a hilarious hoax, it does mirror the factual attacks that feminists do when a person dares to disagree with them. “Hate a movie for whatever legit reason, but that don’t matter because it HAS TO BE because of the female cast you sexist misogynist!”

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