Comparison of YouTube downloading apps

I decided to write this post to help people decide which app to choose when it comes to YouTube downloading software on the web. A couple of days ago I had to download a few videos from my old YouTube channel; however, I ran into the issue of losing my login data since its been years of non use. Luckily I was able to locate the public videos BUT… I didn’t have access to the dashboard to re-download them for my friends wedding.

There are a fair bit of web sites that offer this service, however, I have found that many are filled with ads, popups or are horribly slow to process. Some even required paid subscriptions for multiple downloads… I was not willing to pay for a service I would only use once in a blue moon. So I started the hunt on downloading applications. I made a few posts on some tech related forums and came up with these as the Top 3.

Video Abductor

Pros: The easiest and fastest downloader by far. 1 click download and a simple right click menu to adjust settings. No nagging paid version and no ads. A 100% freeware app that gets the job done.

Cons: Export settings are limited to MP4 and M4A. It basically downloads the highest quality settings only (which isn’t all that bad, however some may want a smaller version). Another issue is that only one video can be downloaded at a time unless you have a playlist setup.


I prefer Video Abductor because its 100% free with no advertisements or extra bloatware. It is also very simplistic and easy to use for anybody. It may not work well for advanced users who want different export settings, but the defaults have worked great for me!

Free YouTube Download

Pros: Multi video download makes it easy to download many videos at once. Clean and simple interface, great export settings.

Cons: Ad supported and paid subscription model not worth the money. Installer recommends installing third party apps onto your system.


I really liked the clean interface of this application as well as the ability to download multiple videos at once without having to buy a subscription. If you want to mass download several videos at once I recommend downloading this application as it does the job very well.

YTD Video Downloader

Pros: Downloads videos relatively quickly. Has the ability to download not only YouTube videos, but Facebook and much more. Exports content in several formats.

Cons: Annoying ads, premium version not worth the money, installer bundled with possible adware and unwanted extras.


YTD gets the job done and has many premium options. If you’re looking to download videos from more sites than YouTube, this could be the ideal app for you as it works with Facebook and many other third party web sites.

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