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Websites are great because you don’t have to rely on a device storage space in order for you to access them. All you need is an internet connection. Here’s a list that I’ve compiled (again because the previous one got deleted) of useful websites that I’ve been using and some of them I recently got to know about. Bookmark this article for future reference and with that aside, Let’s get the list rolling!

Photo Editing

My Fonts

Scans the font name from an image. It might probably show you the fonts you’d have to pay to use however if you want to use them for free, google “example- similar fonts free.” …

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Regrets collecting like moths inside my throat, choking up the windpipe until the acrid taste of soot and caress of their wings become a thing of habit. Feed them less and they start fluttering wildly until I can focus on nothing but the beat of their wings scratching against the trachea trying to bubble out, leaving behind shame at my terrible lack of will to just release them instead of infusing their hunger.

It’s better to stay quiet like this than to open my mouth and risk contaminating others. Better to stay like this than to let everyone suffer from my mistakes.

I know I’m only fooling myself, they’re growing restless and wild. Eventually they’re going to leave their cage- It’s up to me to either just stand there pouring out moths or incinerate them when I still have the chance to do so.

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My work is boring, it’s generic and I’m not putting my heart into it. I write raw and then I delete it. That is my curse. I feel like an attention seeker because whenever I asked my friends to read a part of my story, they would act like it’s a chore. Which, if I think about from their point of view, is kind of true.

Another day starts, another day for so many opportunities that I can accomplish and yet here I lay, crying and broken down because I am just so tired of all this nonsense, all these constant rejection email were not doing anything for my self-esteem either. …


Bia Ahmed

Mad hatter in a seemingly strange wonderland. https://lucidbee4.com

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