“Play with your food”

Our challenge originated from the problem of obesity which affected our country all these years.

Our challenge originated from the problem of obesity wich has unffected our country all these years. For these reason we wanted to find the root of the problem and some ways to fight with obesity.We decided to consult nutritional scientists and paidiatricians to help us about these serious problem. In particular Dr. Kondyli is an expert of clnical nutritionist and has her own team at “Paidon ChildrenHospital”. Dr.Kondyli say’s : Its not simple as it seems. Its a multifactional problem wich divided insome of categories like Epigenetics,Inferity,Sunckling, ,cigarette,diet,culture… Let’s have a look at each one !!

Epigenetics : Otherwise Heredity of gene associated with the gene of mutation. Many studies have been made all these years but doctors say that its very difficult to find the gene of obesity.

Infertility (IVF) : In these categorie women in order to have children resort to hormone threatment. Unfortunatelly as a resault these threatment increase the weight of pregant women and leades the high level of childrens diet diabet T1,T2.

Sunckling : It last 6 months but in the most times interrupted for a several reasons like beauty or sterss.Unfortunatelly has an impact to embryo because it can’t take the appropriate nutritions witch contein the breast milk (proteins,nucleotides,Instamines) and help the embryo to develop his immune system.

Cigarette and diet : Are very important not only during pregnancy months but it has to do with the way of women’s life before pregnancy.

Social,living,educating and financial situation of parents : All these can influance the way of childrens life .For example some of the parents they dont have the money to buy heathy goods or they can afford to send their children to do a sports.

Culture : Its one of the most importants factors of obesity because it has to do with the way of peoples life in every country.There are a diffrent kind of of values, ideas and standars which follow the people in the world. Something like that it happens inGreece. For example parents work a lot of hours and they come back home at night. For these reason they send their children to grandparents insted of having a nany at home. They want to feel secure that their children are safe with grandparents and not to be with an unknown person. As a resault they spoil their grandchildren because they think that when they give a large amount of food they help them to grow up healthy. They don’t understand that they can create a lot of problem in general…Except for above, parents they dont have the opportunity to spend a lot of hours with their children , that’s why when they come at home they want to offer them everything. They want to cover the gap of their absence. They don’t refuse to give a chocolate or biscuits or junk food…they believe that in these way their children will be pleased.

Dare to challenge!!!