Project: Help Keep Small Strong save Leucadia 101 amidst COVID-19 impact on small businesses around America.

Teammate: Josh Bechtler-Levin

Role: UX/UI Designer

UX Design Tool: Adobe Xd, Figma

Timeline: 6 Day Sprint

Team Members: for this project, I worked with fellow UX design classmates Vlada Tkach, Lauren

Role: UX/UI Designer

UX Design Tool: Adobe Xd

Timeline: 4 Day Sprint

Our Process

Project: Add a Feature (Mobile) Application Concept

Role: UX/UI Designer

UX Design Tool: Adobe Xd

Timeline: 5 Day Sprint

The Brief: Analyze an already existing and highly adopted app and incorporate a new feature into the existing product. The feature you develop will be based on an area of functionality to be explored and compared to user input.

The App: Waze


In this case study, I will cover the process and steps I took to develop a new feature for the Waze application. …

Project: Wicked Problem (Mobile App) Healthcare
Roles: UX/UI Designer
Timeline: 1 Week Sprint

When people look at a product they usually direct their focus to the design and overlook what’s beneath the surface, the core of the design. UX designers call this core the design thinking process and this involves the double-diamond flow.

Today was a very exciting long day. It was my first day of the UX/UI Bootcamp at Ironhack and I was able to practice my visual note-taking during class time.

Here are a few topics we covered today:

Design Thinking

Intro to user research & UCD (user-centered design)

User center design process

Quantitative and Qualitative Data

Research Spiral

In this exercise, I was tasked with locating the different elements that make up the Ironhack Breakfast Place page. Below you will find the HTML code for each section displayed:

The Title

Main Heading

For this exercise, I’m jumping into the shoes of a world traveler to redesign a mobile travel application that will fit their needs. My audience reach is a young group heading to Rome, Italy to visit the Colosseum — see details below.

Young group — 20–40 y/o (4)
You and your friends have decided to invest and spend some quality time together. You are planning your trip one year in advance to really make it happen and accommodate everybody’s schedules and needs. You’d like to share as much time together and plan for a lot of fun. You’re interested in a…

For this exercise, Ironhack challenged us to pick a popular application and create its wireframe “Reverse Engineering Style”. I chose to work with Instagram screens and created a prototype focusing on sharing an image. I decided to use the Ironhack UI kit for my wireframe. I also used the Iconify plugin for icons.

I decided to show how a user would post an image on Instagram because when users first sign up for the application, it’s to share their story.

The flow starts from the users' profile page. The user then clicks on the + sign centered on the bottom…

For this exercise, I was tasked to come up with a solution for the UrbanGo app. The Silicon Valley-based mobile application allows users to get to their destination by offering the cheapest and quickest routes. The problem is that the UrbanGo app has a ticketing issue that irritates its users.

Pain Point: the different amount of public transport tickets the users have to purchase.

Before jumping to my interview, I asked myself the following questions:

  1. What problem are you solving?
  2. Who is your audience?
  3. Who are your competitors?
  4. What’s the tone/feeling?

My first thought was “what do airlines do?” Should…


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