TrackR Alpha Client Available — Crowdsale Started Today!

With over 1,000 cryptocurrencies currently being traded and new projects entering into the markets each day.

How can you track them all?

TrackR will be the answer!

This application will become the ultimate crypto-traders dream tool.

  • Multi-Exchange portfolio management based on real-time data
  • Smart alerting
  • AI and machine learning pattern recognition
  • Graph analysis and charting tools
  • Watcher and trade insights

Plus the application is fully scalable for each users preferences. Whether it’s a couple basic alerts/watches on a few tokens or 5,000 alerts over a vast array of coins, TrackR can meet those demands.

TrackR has only begun

Development already started and has provided users with a limited Alpha version currently available for select devices.
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Check out the app, see what you like and what you dont like, or what you would like to see different or added…
Then voice your opinions and concerns on there bitcointalk[ann] thread found here:
(If you don’t have a profile by no you need to have one)

This is one of the most active development teams out there and they are passionate about creating a great tool for any and all users of cryptocurrencies. They want to see this project succeed and are looking for your feedback!

The development team also is providing an agressive roadmap

So you can expect the limited Alpha version to only be around forA

limited time!!
All puns aside, it’s true.
Just starting today, Aug. 16, the TrackR development team is hosting a crowdfund/token sale for [TKR] tokens.
These tokens will be utilized for a premium subscription service shorty after the crowdfund completes and a new client is released. Other use case scenarios are planned as development progresses such as advertisement revenue and dividend payments to reward [TKR] token holders.
Proceeds from the crowdsale will be used to hire staff to promote and develop the TrackR application, ultimately leading into a fully functional platform loaded with rewarding features for the crypto enthusiast!

ICO Details

[TKR] is an ERC20 Token and only Ethereum can be used to participate in this crowdfund.
The Token Sale will last for a maximum of 30days
1 Etheruem : 5000 [TKR]

  • Maximum Creation Cap = 58,500,000 [TKR]

The ICO is currently live and is offering a +20% bonus on the first 48 hour investments.

So currently 1 Ethereum = 6,000 [TKR]

For information on how to participate in the TrackR crowdfund:

Reasons To Invest

The development team is passionate on creating a great use-able product for the masses and they have expressed importance in building a strong investor community along with it. On top of it, feedback from users and investors are highly valued to steer the direction of the project and how development will proceed.

This translate to having a voice along with you investment.

From past experience, this quality is not often found among projects.
Besides the potential for a successful project, the crowdfund terms present an opportunity for investors to become highly rewarded.
The team is seeking a maximum of 10–12k Ethereum raised(Depending on bonuses) which is approximately $3.5–4 million.
This leaves plenty of room for growth while the aggressive road map gets implemented, which could easily lead to 5–10x gains in a short period of time.
For those looking for the long term, this project presents the Risk/Reward situation one might look for in a cryptocurrency.

  • A small investment = larger % Stake in the project
  • Potential for future dividends and ad revenue
  • If the application takes off, gains could reach 100–200x
  • Worst case an the App doesn’t take off… refer to the 1st point

There is quite a bit of upside going for the TrackR [TKR] token and not too much downside. The crowdfund numbers are acceptable and the project has potential for massive gains.
The development team has already produced a working alpha version for potential users and investors to try out and decide for themselves.

It doesn’t hurt to check it out for free

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I invested in this crowdfund and the opinions expressed are my own. I have downloaded the app, researched and interacted with the development team and have made assessments that favor an investment on my behalf.
I typically like high risk, but this one seems more on the low risk end.
I also plan on being a subscriber while actively voicing my concerns and criticizing development because that is what an investor does.