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Per your 60 Minutes interview — kudos. I have a lot of admiration for what you say, what you do. I am a former journalist and a political junkie and a student of American history — and you are exactly right — you were so eloquent. And it is truly mind-boggling (and I never considered the guy a journalist, but still) that Pelley cannot even comprehend what you are saying. This is like programming, mass hypnosis — maybe it goes back to what Gurdjieff said, we are sleep walking — but still, this is like nothing that I have ever seen or read about before — and I would include War of the Worlds, and The Maine, and Pulitzer and Hearst and the newspapers in mining towns as harvesters of propaganda, “fake news”, the word….it’s like that scene in Truffaut’s Fahrenheit 451, which is pretty schmaltzy and lo-tech, but they’re all glued to the instruction on the TV, and all eager to “interact” in the evening’s drama. Anyway, thank you — you give me hope. And Scott Pelley is just a piece of smudge in the corner of a dog’s eye.

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