Affection for the Despondent

Depression “extreme sadness”.

Depression is living in the body that fights to survive and a mind that tries to die. Have you ever cried because of who you are? Hey, it’s okay not to be okay. Don’t push yourself to something that isn’t you. Just be who you are, be you.

Love and understanding is one of the despondents really crave for. They desire to be loved and to be understood enough that will make them feel better and to be able to capture hope. Yes, because nothing else feels great than knowing that someone actually cares for you.

Do you know someone who’s a victim of depression? Be there for ’em. Help them know the factual meaning of life. Life is unfair, unfortunately it is. And unluckily, this is the truth that tends to wreck us and stops us from believing that there are actually great things in life. We don’t get what we want, but we get what He knows we need, and sometimes God doesn’t always give us what we need, and you have to strive for your best to aim it. This is one of His ways to make us dependent.

One of the major problems about being depressed is the feeling of hopelessness; feeling of being mentally, physically and spiritually dishearten. Talk to them and give them the love and acceptance they deserve, we all do need someone who’s there constantly to listen.

Self harm.

This is what hurts the most: self harm that can lead to suicidal attempts.

Being suicidal isn’t being an attention seeker.

I just hope all of you will realize that depression is not a joke, it isn’t something to make fun about. It isn’t, a hundred percent no. Depression is like drowning and the saddest part is you see everyone around you breathing.

If you could just read their minds, you’d actually be in tears.
Sadness is what kills them.

And now, if you know someone suffering from depression.. help me save them. Just be there for them and as I have said, give them the love and understanding they need.

Message to all depressed:
 How many times have you told yourself that you want to give up? How many times have you gotten yourself in the edge of finally giving up?

Yet, you’re still here. I’m proud of you. Thank you so much for fighting and for your bravery. You deserve the love that everyone deserves, you deserve every bit of it. I just need to let you know that THE WORLD NEEDS YOU. God still needs you. And, I’m here for you.

If the hurt comes, so will the happiness.

The pain you have been feeling, can’t be compared to the joy that is coming.