“You’re never going to change.”

These words went straight to my heart and changed my life.

The uttered phrase are said to me by my friends; my friends whom I value the most. Simple yet, powerful. Words are powerful, believe it or not.. words are powerful. So powerful that it can change the way you live. I can simply show and make you realize how simple words can change you and the way you see life.

4 letters, 1 word. WORD.

The idea of being hopeless made me desperate to end my life. I was so hopeless that I saw no point on living. Instead of dragging myself down because of the words that my friends had divulged to me, I was motivated. I was so motivated that my goal is to finally change my life and be better. I was so determined to prove them wrong, that all human beings can change.

For the following few weeks, I felt better for being better. They never believed in me, they never believed that I improved. I tried to accept every terrible words that came out of their mouth that made me hopeless once again. But then, I prayed to God and He made me realize that whatever what people say, what’s important is that God is never subjective. He never thinks awful about His children and He believes and trust them no matter how bad we did to disappoint Him. What matters the most is what the Bible says; what the Bible tells us to do and what to believe in.

The word of God is the only thing you need when you’re feeling hopeless or terrible. He’ll reassure you every now and then that everything will turn out okay.

He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3