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Si eres escéptico sobre los beneficios de tener un asistente virtual en tu hogar, más allá de lo que dicen los anuncios, aquí está la opinión honesta de un diseñador de interacciones.

If you are skeptical about the benefits of having a virtual assistant in your home, beyond what advertisements claim, here is an interaction designer’s honest opinion.

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My ethical stand is not the point here, but…

I will start by clarifying that the point of this article is not for me to tell you whether you should or shouldn’t have an Amazon Echo in your home. My reflection abstracts from the heated ethical debate that you probably already have been part of. However, allow me to set the premise that, as a designer, I do think it is our duty to encourage technological development that protects humans, their safety, and privacy.

Innovation is a force that cannot be stopped, but it can be steered and we are slowly learning that asking ourselves “should we?” before “might…

Bianca Di Giovanni

UX/UI designer based in Berlin

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