Baby, you should go and love yourself.

So the theme-on-the-platter this week is tactical Valentines’ day comms. And I must say, what a difference a week makes. Coming from fifty odd ads that were terribly underwhelming in the Super Bowl last week, February 14 delivers us a basket-full of goodies.

Again, I must reiterate what it is that makes most of these ideas great: single-mindedness. No need for celebrities here folks, brands can deliver compelling, memorable and most importantly shareable comms by locking in on a rock solid insight and letting creativity do its job from there onwards.

Hats off to Galaxy’s “The Chase” , Burger King’s “Adult Meal” and Droga’s “Ugly and Forgotten” which can’t help itself by tell us that their real aim with these endangered animals is to capture a Lion later on in the Spring…/droga5-london-ugly-and-forgotten-u…

But if any of these ideas is worth a Dom Perignon Godiva Chocolate Strawberries day today is this one. Completely the wrong casting if you ask me, since this is aimed at empowered women with a strong sense of self, not at men-who-drool-at-the-sight-of-large-tits. However, a brilliant, simple idea for Valentine’s Day from Coco de Mer, born from an indisputable insight, or those lyrics from Justin Bieber, whatever tickles your fancy. Loving yourself baby, that’s what it’s all about:

Again, casting aside, a stunning piece of film that inspires women to buy luxury lingerie of the kinkiest kind for non other than their lovely selves. I’m convinced, Coco.

Happy Valentine’s day everyone, enjoy.

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