What a bunch of crappy millennial winning!

Thank you for your time to reply and for wishing me good luck.

Our expectations on what our children should learn (from what you write I figure you have children; do you?) are similar in some points and differ in others. I encourage her to educate herself, learn about the world from different perspectives, and, more than anything else, how to communicate, build relationships, be social. If I look at the studies of what makes people happy at the end of their lives, it is not success, not money or their career in the first place, but the relationships with people that are carrying them. I deeply believe in mutual support, and I support people and causes I believe in wherever I can. Actually, a good deal of my work (besides being a mother I co-founded a learning space, as you might have read on my patreon page) is about supporting others in their learning & education process, as well as building a network for mutual support in the area of (self-directed) education.

Maybe some more info to clear this up: I do work; I teach German. In my opinion the question needs to be raised: Why are some of the things people engage with on a regular, daily basis considered “work” that they get paid for, while others are not?

In working hours, the job of any committed parent exceeds any normal 9–5 and even a manager’s job — no holidays, always working overtime, no chance to take a day off, even if you’re sick… And then not even minimum wage ;-) I personally believe that the impact of raising a child is also considerably larger than many jobs I know (impact, not importance).

Who, and on what base, decides the value of time spent?

As for your advice to move to a more affordable place: I am sharing a small room with my daughter (where we sleep, and play/read) and a living room with our flat mate (where my pc is, and a sofa, and a piano). I consider this enough space for us for now. It is not an ideal situation, as I sometimes would like a room of my own, but more space would mean more working hours would mean less time to spend with my daughter (which I have tried, and it works for short periods of time, but it is not a long term solution. We are both unhappy and out of balance with that). In Berlin today it is hardly possible to move to a cheaper place. We would have to leave the city, which is not an option right now for a number of reasons.

About depending on the generosity of others: Don’t we always depend on someone? It could be a boss, it could be your customers, it could be the state’s welfare system, it could be a circle of family & friends. I am not begging for people to help us out because we don’t make it on our own — I am proposing the option to give and gratefully accept any gifts from whoever wants to express their support for what I do and for the way we live. I believe I express that more properly on the patreon page, this article came out of a little bit of anger that I had to deal with.

Take care!