20 Life lesson you can learn from Ballet

When I was a little girl I used to run around the house in a tutu. One day my mom asked me if I wanted to go to a ballet class, and my answer was “No!”. She took me anyway and I am grateful for it. Though I did not become a professional dancer, the years I spent dancing taught and continue to teach me valuable lessons for life.

1. A strong core is crucial. With it you can do pretty much anything, without it, everything else falls apart.

2. Stand up straight. Things flow better when you’re aligned.

3. Find tension. It makes even the simplest movement interesting.

4. Practice. It might not make perfect, but do something often enough and you will end up getting it some way or another.

5. Take risks. No one can do three pirouettes off the bat, but if you don’t try you never will.

6. Be proud. Even when you don’t feel like it, keep your head high

7. Smile. It makes things easier and looks good.

8. Be patient. Learning things always take longer than planned.

9. Know your limits. No one wants to see you get injured, baby.

10. Open up. Opening your body allows you to do bigger and better movements and also creates an open and confident mind.

11. Breathe. It helps you get through the hard stuff.

12. Pushing too hard never works. Force and frustration won’t get you where you want to go.

13. Give it a break. After doing something 50 times you have to sleep over it. It will work the next day.

14. Sleep. Nothing works well when you’re tired.

15. Be grounded. The floor is your friend if you want to jump high.

16. Bullshitting bites you in the ass eventually. Better do the basics well, than the fancy stuff badly.

17. Little things matter. I high leg is great, but pointed toes and graceful hands are what makes the difference.

18. Don’t compare. Seek inspiration in others, but the only body you can work with is your own. Remember, there’s always someone better than you and there’s always someone worse.

19. There is no such thing as standing still. Every movement is connected and continues to the next. Even when you are ‘just standing’ you continue to move and improve in every way.

20. Finish with grace. You fucked up? Finish with grace and dignity and chances are no one will even notice or care.

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