Artwork by Albert Aublet

new moon

your work is done

come now and sit down next to me

said the big black sky

the moon at rest holds space for our all of being

unwrapping ourselves from the doing so that we can be held

softly, potently, completely

in our lightness and in our darkness

reclined under her cloaked presence

the stars shine brighter because of her absence

like you

like me

like we of the many realms

it’s safe to rest before the harvest is full

our work never quite complete

we create space to be nourished like soil fertile and ready to sow

she said come sit down next to me

and we laid our head beside her

and in the dark she listened

waiting faithfully for us to unfold

(This poem was written for a ceremony honoring the clinicians at Field Trip Health offering psychedelic assisted therapy.)


there was a time when the road was wide and clear

and you came to me

clear as night

there was a time when our words meant something

consequences stung deep

so we listened carefully

there was time when we could trust the things we saw

our food was free of scary things and apocalyptic dreams

our outlook colorful masterpieces

we did things eye to eye

entranced with each other and not the lies

there was time when we recognized each other instantly

our kind our tribe

the ones that made our hearts beat quickly

we saw

we beamed…

restless /doubt

oh Restless One, your inability to be at peace makes your nail biting, shoulder tensing insomnia making haven deeply conflicted

quiet now and listen

allow yourself to rest

dissolve into the moment seamlessly, leave behind the anthems of the past and future, the stories oh the stories you’ve creative Hopeless One!

the torture of being alone or together, something different, always wanting more, and more and more

a race to get somewhere make-believe but what about here?

what is here for you that you may be missing?

kissing away the moment instead of fitting your entire mouth onto…

photo cred Kiara Rose

she lost her way

there was a time when the road was wide and clear and then she veered off

so far off she lost herself completely

it was a strange and exciting feeling

anxiety, rapid speech and thoughts

she felt alive and terrified

there was time when she walked the road effortlessly and never forgot the way home

but sometimes in the dark rooms of her psyche she was told “No you’re special you can go your own way. Alone.”

so she went, skipping then running toward what felt like her salvation

an idea, an answer

a solution to…

Photo Cred Gregory Colbert, Ashes And Snow

for a friend

i’ll never claim to know the aching of your heart

the ventricles sore and swollen

i can’t see their intricacies but i can feel the mourning in your soul and for that i will lay down a soft blanket and tell you to rest

for the care of the soul is the only service i can give

i’ll huddle down on the ground and wrap the blanket snug around us and be with you

in your sorrow, frustration, contemplation, despair

i will be there beside you bearing witness to your suffering

i’ll never claim to know why…

The thing I’m deeply passionate about is about treasuring your relationships, all of them. So my movement would be the idea of relationship wellness. If we were all more thoughtful and more intentional about all of our relationships, it would prevent a significant amount of suffering and unpleasantness in the world. If we were all to radiate joy and positivity with the people we interact with each day, the world would unquestionably be a better place. This goes far beyond the relationship with your significant other, it’s about the people in the world that you come in contact with each…

It’s been said that Keanu Reeves “is too good for this world” by The New Yorker and every woman I know over 40. He gives generously and anonymously to charity and embodies a guru-like calmness amidst his scruffy beard and cascading hair. Here’s a list of 13 activities to help you get through this self-quarantine a little more like Keanu.

  1. Cook — With restaurants limiting service to take out or complelty shutting down if you don’t know how to cook or are out of practice now’s the time to learn. Seasoned chef’s can make their favorite comfort foods to minimize…

Thank you so much for joining us, Jim. Can you tell us the “backstory” about what brought you to this specific career path?

In the early days of the internet, I had tinkered with creating websites and always found that enjoyable. One day in 2004 I googled “Mental Illness and Dating” and found nothing, so I thought this should exist. I hired some programmers on the cheap to code it (mistake). Over the years and after finding a competent affordable American coder, the site has morphed from a hobby to a full-fledged business. My initial desire to create the site…

An Interview With Bianca L. Rodriguez

I recently had the pleasure to attend the Kroger’s Wellness Your Way Festival (WYWF). I had the opportunity of interviewing Allison Warrell, bodybuilder, trainer, entrepreneur and little person with achondroplasia dwarfism who defies the odds every day to pursue the healthy life of her dreams. Standing at 3’11, Allison realized late in life that extra weight was putting undue stress on her petite frame. With proper training help, she devoted herself to becoming as fit as possible and was the shortest woman to compete in the NPC bodybuilding federation in the women’s physique division. Allison has also created a support…

Bianca L. Rodriguez Ed.M, LMFT

Bianca L. Rodriguez is an expert in the field of spiritual psychology and personal transformation.

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