As a Social Science secondary teacher, I have come to understand how much our content involves for the incorporation of literacy and the development of academic language; perhaps no other subject comes close to English like History. Moreover in my class, I incorporate literacy by having the students analyze and interpret primary and secondary sources. Due to the fact that the classes I teach are heterogeneous, I choose a reading that can best suit the needs of every student. To do this, I choose a reading whose Lexile score is not too high and not too low for the students. In addition, when it comes to the texts, I try and scaffold the items with the students. When reading the texts with the students, I circle and underline words or sentences. I also make sure that if there are any words the students are confused about, I replace them with other words that they are more familiar with. To foster academic language, I make an effort for my students to write either short/ long essays or responses. I guide my students by modeling first what I expect from them. I also provide sentence starters and frames so it teaches them how to structure their responses. Due to the fact I teach 7th grade, I make it clear to my students how they must always respond in complete sentences, rather than one word. I also try to encourage class discussions as much as possible so it can also enhance their academic language.

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