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Bibblio co-founder has a MoCo Moment

The folk at MoCo are kept very busy inspiring the world with videos and events around cutting-edge mobile tech. Bibblio’s co-founder Mads Holmen was invited to their Brussels studio to talk future business models for publishing and fruitful B2B content recommendations.

Read and watch five highlights of the interview with Maaike Delver and Charlotte Boström, below.

Set in a studio akin to a startup’s kitchen, complete with a chalkboard heralding ‘BIG DATA’, Delver (an apt name for an interviewer) jumps straight in. Having read Bibblio’s Clicks vs Satisfaction on how media went for the click and forgot about the user, she asks Holmen about his choice of business.

Specifically, why he didn’t get into the publishing industry, as “they have been struggling with clickbait vs quality content ever since the beginning”. Chuckling, Holmen describes how many businesses are regrettably still addicted to the advertising model:

Fortunately, more and more businesses are moving away from ad-driven models and towards some sort of subscription model. Delver wants to know what Holmen thinks of this trend. He describes what he sees as the double cause: the rise of the duopoly of Facebook and Google and the popularity of subscription services like Netflix and Spotify:

As the media landscape is swinging back from clicks towards reader loyalty and retention, the quality of the content experience is at the fore of publishers’ minds. With the user in the driving seat, Delver wonders where Bibblio fits in? Holmen gives an example of a partner in knowledge publishing. He zooms in on optimizing all content pages on media sites and caring about every user, whilst helping to burst their filter bubble:

The sharp-eyed among you have already seen the chocolate and the banana on the worktop. Whilst his explanation of Bibblio’s workings using these props only made it to the MoCo Moments blog, the metaphor is still ripe for sharing:

“Most recommendation services only offer you the chocolate because they know you like it and you’ll pick one of the sugary options. If we introduce a banana next to this, there’s a great chance your freewill leads you to pick the healthy snack.” — Mads Holmen

With plenty of discussion regarding business models in publishing, Delver asks about Bibblio’s own. It’s very much like a mobile phone contract, Holmen replies. Here he explains the content recommendation platform’s SaaS model:

Thank you for reading and watching the highlights. Mads Holmen and the rest of the Bibblions appreciate your ♥ and comments.

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