Image Classifier based on lecture

One of the challenges that I face living in S. Korea is to tell the difference between Chinese, Japanese and Koreans. The similarities in their appearances has led to many awkward moments during my stay.

I wish to avoid those awkward moments by building…

Policy Iteration+ Value Iteration

In the last post, I wrote about Markov Decision Process(MDP); this time I will summarize my understanding of how to solve MDP by policy iteration and value iteration.

So what is policy iteration and value iteration?

These are the algorithms in Dynamic Programming that are used…

In simple terms — Reinforcement Learning is learning from experience

Just like humans, machines can also learn from its interaction with the environment; Reinforcement Learning is how they can do it. It is the branch of Machine Learning in which the learner is not trained(like other Machine Learning domains) rather…

Bibek Chaudhary


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