Passionate UI design for tourism campaign to promote Tianjin, China, aiming to allow users to experience the authentic beauty of Tianjin. Live like a local in Tianjin.

Overview of Tianjin

Tianjin is one of the four municipalities in China. Its name means ‘the place where the emperor crossed the river’. Facing the Bohai…

UI design for the food ordering app

I. About Grub Club

This is a food app that assists people in setting up a time and place to meet up and arrange lunches. Users can come to an agreement on restaurant choice and even place an order through the app.

Project Scope | UI Design…

Podyssey as an existing podcast sharing app has been in the market for a year and acquired 5k users. The project goal is to refine the discovery and community features and redesign their interface.

“The more we share, the more we have.” — Leonard Nimoy

Project Overview

When being introduced by Danny(our…

First client project is to help Assistlist( non-profit website has already existed) create a mobile app that allows buyers and sellers exchange health equipment online


The challenge for Assistlist is that they want to increase the engagement with users by creating the mobile app that grants them accessibility to exchange…

The project is designed for the thrift stores on Main street in Vancouver

Project Prompt

Online shopping becomes a daily activity for more and more people. But reports show that Canadian retailers have a poor online presence. This project is to help the thrift stores on Main street have a e-commerce platform in order to increase the sales and community engagement.

The problem

Some of…

Julie Bi

UX/UI Designer

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