A candid advice from me to you, you may heed it or not.

1. _When you are Alone, Watch your Thoughts and where it wanders to. Thoughts are powerful.

2. _When you are with Friends, Watch your Tongue else you irreversibly hurt someone, words once spoken can not be retrieved.

3. _When you are Angry, Watch your Temper; that hot temper of yours won’t cook anything so keep it cool. When you loose your temper, no body cares.

4. _When you are with a Group, Watch your Behavior.

5. _When you are in Trouble, Watch your Emotions.

6. _When God starts blessing you, Watch your Ego. Remember Pride goes before a Haughty fall... I would like to say it like “Pride and Ego goes AFTER a Shameful Fall leaving you naked and ashamed ”

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