Dating is not a game. It’s not about casually playing with someone’s heart - Danna Gresh

Dating and Courting are synonymous. They both mean to have a relationship that would lead to marriage in the long run.

Before you go on a second date with that guy/ lady. Ask yourself "Is he/she the one?" .I want to share Danna Gresh’s Insights (My reflection) with all the singles who advocate for Chastity/Purity. I read her book; The Seven Secrets of Sexual Purity and this is about what I learned,( My reflection from her insights).

Permit me to introduce Danna Gresh : The bestselling author of "... And the Bride wore White". A frequent guest on national radio and television programs. Also the co-founder of Pure Freedom, a ministry equipping men and women of all ages to live vibrant young lives of purity.

Now you know whose insights I am sharing, you have got to read with focus.

We live in a world of Instant gratification. 
Want to talk to a friend who lives across the longitudinal lines? Pick your device, make the call. 
Want to text a friend?click on your e-mail screen.
Want to take a juice? Use the blender or the juicer... 
It's all easy life, Life on the go.

A lot of young people can't wait till marriage before sex, they would even defend sex before marriage and how it can improve their life (dumbest fact ever).

We have a growing population of youngsters who are blind... Blind in the sense that they actually can't Envision the future and have a dream of purity. They want to instantly gratify those emotions, those feelings, Self Control is an essential character everyone should learn including the married and unmarried.

Ladies pray for a husband, Guys pray for a wife... We all pray for wonderful spouses but we don't do basically one important thing ; which is: Writing a list for that special one .

Danna Gresh encouraged in her own words ...That was my choice, and from that moment I wrote a Shopping List for Him, 
I never dated a guy for a second time unless he met the criteria on that list. Each one got a chance for me to measure him against the list.

It is pivotal to write a list when looking for a suitable partner... Marriage is a life time venture... It has to be with the right person who complements you, so making a list is germane.

Do you have a dream about your future partner? If you do, that’s amazing then. 
No one is worth having the pleasures of intimacy with you unless they have signed the contract, unless they are worth that position in your life. - Bibii C Johnson.

Refuse to be a Styrofoam cup, cheap commodity that could be tested before proper use and disposed immediately.

It's time to build a vision of your spouse -to-be and a vision of how you would honor him/her from now on.

Danna Gresh's Guide to making a list for your spouse :
In order of importance 
1. Personality Plus : what is her personality like, his personality like? 
Amongst your relationships with your friends , which ones work best and has lasted ?
(outer personality can sometimes hide the true character of a person ).
So honesty, integrity should mean a lot to you on the list.

2. The Physique : what does he or she look like? There should be that physical attraction.
Do you see his attractiveness better through his heart than through his physical appearance? Nobody just marries another because of his/her prayer skills, walking step or dancing ability... 
There has to be the first capture... Could be the smile, the eyes, the face... 
Though this has to be flexible... Because in choosing a mate, you shouldn't walk only by surface feelings or by mere sight.

3. His/Her Dreams : What is she doing with her life? What does he dream of becoming... Is it compatible with your dreams ( It wouldn't suit if you want to be a full time evangelist and travel round the world, while she wants to be a full time house wife with an online business that doesn't require much of her time ).

4. His/Her Other Love : What does he truly love? What things are his passion? What's her driving force in life? Do you both have similar view points?

Since Dating/Courting is the first step towards marriage, you should not step in that direction with anyone unless he shares you faith.
*Imagine a man that is so engrossed in God that he only looks up because God said "that’s her! 
*Imagine a Lady so into God that you had to find God just to Find her.

One day you will surely find the special one God has created for you, until then…

Keep dreaming! Keep praying! Keep being pure!

Thank you for your time, I really appreciate you. Hope to see next time *winks*

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