Basics for a photo shoot

What all are the essential equipment and conditions required for a photo shoot?

The first and the most important thing thing is your camera and your creativity which makes you a good photographer. The next important thing is you need to know the source of light , what kind of light is that, what is the color of the given light. The next important thing is what kind of photograph you are going to take. You must be having a good vision of the final out what you are going to get, If you are a beginner you can try with the auto in the camera to get an idea of images. If you are passionate enough to see things differently then go for the manual mode.

The most important things you need to see in the manual modes are

  1. Aperture
  2. Shutter Speed
  3. ISO level

You need to understand your camera and the kind of lens you are going to use before start shooting. The lights are different for different scenarios need to look at the lights and the ambiance then plan for the frame .


Photographing depends on the type of object you are planning to shoot. If you are planning for a wildlife photograph you need to have enough equipment's with you for example telescopic lenses. If you are planning for a landscape shoot you need some wide frame lenses.


“Anyone can click a frame but the best frame comes from creative people”.

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