Why is Ujwal Thapa, a 21st century relevant leader for Nepal?

We have been consistently choosing third Grade leaders and expecting A Grade results. This realization sold upon Ujwal Thapa. He was among people who would say, politics is a dirty game. Then, he realized the roots of evil are itself in the political culture. Changing this culture is the way to get started. The essence in which he believes, we Nepali people deserve better. This thought transcended a realization that he should start. He should get into politics, clean politics, build an ethical 21st century leadership that knows how to deliver prosperity.

And, here are my reasons why Ujwal Thapa is a global 21st century relevant leader, Nepal needs today:-

1) The vision comes out from grass-root people

The message is simple, building a peaceful and prosperous Nepal within our lifetime. A group of young people started a movement. They walked from Mechi to Mahakali asking the grass-root people “what are your dreams for yourself, family and your country”. They walked about 8000 kms. The vision comes out from reading all these dreams. The vision, ideology, political roadmap is based on the dreams of those Nepali people who have not been heard.

2) Clean Money, Clean Politics

If you want to be a leader you need to learn the basics, from inside your organisation. His focus has been on producing self-reliant leaders and citizens, who would never depend upon party for to sustain their living. Ujwal Thapa with the team came up with the idea of Professional Help Desk. Each self-reliant professional, entrepreneur inside the party mentors a younger one. Provides opportunities for work and growth of the younger members. Hence, building a work ecosystem emphasizing independence, self-dignity and a separate professional identity of each individual.

3) Building platform for economic prosperity

Ujwal Thapa is the co-founder of Entrepreneurs for Nepal, the largest forum for entrepreneurs in Nepal. Carrying the same culture in the party, Bibeksheel Sajha Entrepreneurs network of share business ideas, exchange services, share their contacts, resources, expertise builds a professionals’ friendly, entrepreneurial society.

One aspiring Entrepreneur can employ many people and set them free when they come up with an idea of startup on their own. This forms a chain of caliber youths contributing to solve the problems of their own home country.

4) The Anti-bandh movement

The movement against Nepal Bandh comes from Nepal Unites when Ujwal Thapa and with team came up with the slogan of “Gari Khana Deu” on the major roads of Kathmandu. The idea was persistently practiced by the party member, every Nepal Bandh we helped people run vehicles and go for work. You should have seen this group in Maitighar Mandala on every Bandh. And, today public is fearless about going for work during bandh. Today it seems any other political parties, movement, groups have been discouraged to announce Bandh.

5) Sharing everything he possess

Bibeksheel is person with common sense and wisdom. People who know what is right and wrong. This is what is missing in Nepal. Ujwal Thapa believes in sharing his knowledge, philosophy, travelogue, business experiences, crazy idea and also his failures. Thus, he started blogging at the age of 29, that is eleven years back. His blog whynepal.com makes his character an open book. 200+ articles, videos, travel photos has inspired a many people travel Nepal, share their weird perspective that do hardly fits in our society.

Here, I want to share my personal experience. Four years back, there was a controversy in the birthplace of Buddha. There was a trend of yelling, presenting and publishing the statement, “Buddha was born in Nepal.” I was quiet teenager then. I was hurt everytime, I saw this. We could not follow the teachings of Buddha. The teaching of non-violence. Practising buddhist four noble truths can bring any human to peace. We people don’t bother doing it and we are busy fighting on the birthplace. When Buddha taught every land shall be the land of truth and peace. We were fighting for the ownership of enlightening. I was nervous, silent.

In 2013, I read my mind in “whynepal.com”. It was the same. It was the first Nepali who believed the same. Since, then whynepal become my friend, a teacher and compassion for everything.

6) Personal values: Humility, courage, transparency and integrity

A popular statement, “Be the change, you want to see in the world”. This is Ujwal Thapa. Every promise he makes to the public, is his personal practise. Humility is when you are accepting your weakness and improving yourself everyday. Lessening self-ego is his regular practice. A humble leader who meet citizens, students, start-up entrepreneurs personally as a routine. What can be more motivating this, “Ujwal dai, may call you, text you anytime and offer to work together with him in nation building. All those who have got surprise, must be smiling now.” This is how his team has been built. When Ujwal Thapa leads, you get to lead.

A man of courage. A true leader who has dedicated rest of his life in building more 21st century leaders for Nepal. That’s what impresses most, when you get his visiting card.

What more about the transparent man, who is always open and share everything he possess. We can view his financial transparency he raises for his election campaigns and expenses openly on the website of Bibeksheel Sajha: leadnepal.com/accounts

7) Grooming female leaders for Nepal

Mentoring female leadership, empowerment programs, Ujwal Thapa came up with the idea of grooming a young female in the position of his desk officer. The opportunity has always been open to all young college going girls who wants to assist and build leadership potentiality directly from Ujwal Thapa. I can proudly say that was the best decision I took that change my life.

You must have been reading about Subuna Basnet, candidate for constituency 4, Kathmandu. She is also a product from the same desk. The extraordinary potentialities of ordinary girls are unleashed by Ujwal dai.

He has been the heartbeat of thousands of Nepali youth in Nepal and abroad with the soulful greeting as “Ujwal Dai”. I hope some day soon, millions of Nepali will be led by the soulful leader, Ujwal dai. And, our Ujwal Dai will be a national dai to all :)

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Do share your experiences with your leaders through writing, videos, pictures, events, posts, etc. This is the right time. Your effort can take right leaders at right place.)

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Ujwal Thapa, Constituency-5, Kathmandu, Bibeksheel Sajha Party