How to Achieve Mental Health by Avoiding Garbage Contents like you Avoid Junk Food

Is browsing garbage contents such as the latest top 10 personality tests just as damaging to your mental health as eating a bag of Cheetos is damaging your physical health? One bag of Cheetos won’t cause obesity or diabetes, but if you eat 20 a day for a long period of time without exercising, you probably won’t be in the best shape you can.

Just like how physical health is affect by diet and exercise, your mental health is affected the contents you digest on a daily basis and how often you exercise your mind.

How often should you digest contents?

We can choose to eat when we are hungry or when we feel like it, or we could have a set schedule on when to eat be it three meals a day or five smaller meals a day. If we eat and drink water according to a schedule, we should never experience hunger or thirst. Feeling thirsty is a sign our body is dehydrated, so the goal of setting a schedule to digest contents is so that we feel fulfilled, not bored, and actually learned or experienced something that helped us grow a little.

What is considered garbage vs healthy content?

Junk foods are empty carbs that prevents us from hunger but provides very little nutrients for the body. I consider garbage contents things that we read when we feel bored but doesn’t help us grow, which sadly is the majority of contents on YouTube and Facebook, things like top 10 things …. Do you learn something from those articles? Sure, but nothing in the article is likely to help you become a better you, just like a bag of Cheetos is tasty once in a while.

The importance of exercising your mind

Eating healthy is important, but exercising is equally if not more important. Things like puzzles, memorization, learning a new language, listen to new music, and all be forms of mental exercising. An effective way to exercise the body is the push your limit for a little bit and then let your body rest and heal, the same applies to the mind, learn something that is outside of your comfort zone, and then let your mind rest to digest and heal to become stronger.

How Mindsail can help

Mindsail curates top mental health expert’ contents into one easy to access platform so you can easily find healthy contents that suits you. For me personally, mindsail’s contents helped me quit smoking, sleep better, and learn how to spot liars.

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