Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have the potential to radically alter the world’s economy. But could they also upend inequality?

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Did you know there are currently less than 5% of women in Blockchain? And that this number was even worse lower a few years ago.

Luckily, with the amount of information available today, times have changed and women are becoming an important part of the Blockchain sphere. Here are our top 8 reasons why YOU should join the industry as well, even if you still don’t really understand what Blockchain is!

  1. Women naturally have the ability to keep going back to the fundamentals, which is considered to be a great approach to learning and fostering innovation. …

Selection of 13 events you should consider attending in the second half of 2020

Now that the world is slowly coming out of the quarantine and traveling is allowed again, we believe this is the perfect time to catch up on networking and book a place for the top conferences for 2020.

And because we know how much you want to go out now and meet your friends again, we decided to stay home and do the research for you. So, we present to you the best upcoming Blockchain and Crypto conferences you can attend this year!

1. San Francisco Blockchain Week 2020

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Date: 6–10 July

Place: Online

Price: Free

With more than 5000 participants and 350 Blockchain companies, SF Blockchain Week is here to help the industry reach mainstream adoption through fundamental education and engagement with projects leading the way. Live broadcasts, virtual exhibitions, and fireside chats will be offered throughout the event, and topics discussed will include the potential benefits that Blockchain can offer for businesses, as well as how developing regulations will shape the sector. Each day is set to focus on a different theme with speakers like Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, and former CFTC chairman Chris Giancarlo. …

How the current crisis has changed our startups work

Covid-19 has had tremendous influence over most businesses around the world, so we decided to dig into the startup ecosystem, talk about the ups and downs, and see how people perceive Blockchain during a global pandemic. We have gathered 6 startup founders from a variety of Blockchain fields to tell you how they cope with Covid-19 and believe us… we were not expecting this!

Jason Eisen from UTU

UTU serves up personalized recommendations for trusted service providers on sharing platforms to drive conversion, satisfaction, retention, and viral acquisition. …


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