Rise to Power: Eric Clarke

The story of Eric Clarke’s rise to power is a very unique and interesting one. Not only did Eric not intend on running for any position on the Leadership Council, but it had never even crossed his mind. Eric was a freshman at the University of Nevada, Reno last year in 2014. While attending his first year at the university he lived in the Argenta Hall, one of the biggest dorms on campus. After an incident in an Argenta dorm room, Eric was faced with two choices. He could either run for the position of President on the Leadership Council or he would be kicked out of Argenta Hall to be made an example of. After talking to the dorm’s Substance Advisor, she felt that he was a very well spoken young man and thought he would be perfect for the President of the Leadership Council.

Argenta Hall

After hearing this news Eric still didn’t really have the urge to try and become the President of Argenta Hall, but with the stakes in mind he had no other choice. While other students were very serious about the position, Eric took a different, more laid back, route to success. On election day each candidate was to give a speech as to why they should be put in charge. After hearing the other candidates go up and give their plans for the hall, it was Eric’s time to shine. He went up on stage and basically said, my name is Eric Clarke and you should vote for me for President. The other candidates had been vigorously campaigning by putting up signs, talking to different dorm residents, and getting involved with the Leadership Council. Eric hadn’t done any of those things. With his laid back approach and easy going charm, Eric Clarke won the most votes for the Leadership Council President.

After being elected the other members of the LC were glad to have Eric, but that was soon to change. “Everybody loves a yes-man, but sometimes that isn’t what the people need,” Eric said. Sitting in the meetings with his peers, he would have to be the one to make them realize that their plans to make Argenta Hall better were outlandish and unrealistic. He was the person who had to not only make others comprehend that their ideas wouldn’t work, but also hold the group together as a whole.

As Eric looked over the pre-existing constitution for Argenta Hall he realized that it seemed to be very old and outdated. With rules like “everybody must attend each event held for the hall,” he decided that something needed to be done to change the way Argenta was run. Being president, Eric took it upon himself to rewrite the constitution for Argenta Hall, one that hadn’t been changed in over 9 years. Not only was this a huge task, but it had to be done very carefully so that everything was clear and precise for current and upcoming students that would be living in Argenta Hall. Eric hadn’t ever faced a task like this one before, but he was able to finish the new constitution and have it put in place of the old and outdated one. The changes were made and the new document was put in to action this year, 2015, and Argenta Hall is running smoother than ever.

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