Vitae Beta Update

Dear valued member,

Hope you are all having a wonderful day.

As promised in the last update, here a small update where things stand at the moment.

You might have noticed that the site was accessible today for a limited time and with limited features, this is because of some testing we perform to the site, but we want you to be aware that as we do important work to the site. As of today (16/02/19), the site will remain in maintenance. During this time, we will be implementing some critical changes to our security capacity to make absolutely sure that your privacy and data are secured.

To ensure uptime and stability of the platform, we are performing this upgrade on our security infrastructure during this maintenance period so we can ensure a smooth and safe implementation.

During this maintenance window, the platform will be inaccessible and all activity will be paused. All operations in the platform, will resume immediately after we are finished with this important update and go out from maintenance.

Upon completion of this update, some newly completed features will be available to users on the site. For instance, the ability to include emoji in posts and comments on the site, as well as some functionality to include markdown text in posts as well.

Additionally you may see changes to your backoffice. These improvements are to facilitate more transparency and a better understanding of the Soical Rewards Website for everyone involved. Also Your Vitae Tokens will be more clearly represented via your account on the site.

During the maintenance period, we will continue to communicate with you about our progress as we thrive for transparency and the best customer service.

We are expecting to leave maintenance and return to normal operations very soon.

Additional, Please keep in mind as we are participating in a beta release. Possible downtime and issues may arise at anytime. Currently the site appears to be online, we ask that you do not try and login until given the green light to do so.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. As always, if you have questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to ask them through our Social Media channels and we will try our very best to reply the quickest possible.


The Vitae Development Team