Camella Naga Bank Financing Requirements

Camella Offers Bank financing because it has lower interest rate and the terms are flexible. It is also easy to obtain loan and it will help them compare the loans available in the market.

A.) Major Requirements.

For Locally Employed

· Photocopy of Income Tax Return and W-2 (latest) If files separately, Spouse ITR also.
· Original & Notarized Certificate of Employment and Compensation.
· Pay slips for the last 3 months (applicant and spouse)
· Bank Statement for the last three months
· Vouchers for the last six months (commissions)

For Self-Employed

· Photocopy of Business Registration (DTI/SEC)
· Mayor’s Permit
· ITR for the last 2 years
· Original Audited Financial Statement for the last Two years
· Franchise/OR/Cr (for taxi/bus/jeepney)
· PTR (for practicing professionals)
· Bank Statement for the last 6 months
· Picture of Business establishment
· Company Profile

For Overseas Filipino Workers

· Original Certificate of Employment & Compensation (Consularized)
· Photocopy of Contract of Employment (Valid 6 mos. after reservation)
· Photocopy of passport (w/ entries)
· Photocopy of Seaman’s Book
· Proof of remittances (last 6 months)
· Pay slips for the last 3 mos.
· Bank Statement for the last 6 mos.
· Special power of Attorney (w/ consular seal If notarized abroad)

Additional Requirements

· Affidavit of waiver (foreigner spouse)
· Court Order for Finality (if Separated/ annulled marriage
· Affidavit of Support
· Affidavit of intention to reside in the Phil. (Former Filipino)

B.) Standard Requirements

· Photocopy of Marriage/ Birth Certificate
· 2 pcs 2x2 picture (applicant/spouse/SPA)
· Community Tax Certificate (applicant/spouse/A-I-F)
· Proof of Billing
· Postdated Checks
· 2 valid ID’s (applicant & A-I-F)
· House Sketch

C.) Other Document

· Tax Record Update
· Mortgage redemption
· Document evidencing source of income
· Conforme: _______________________

For updates, inquiries, and property reservations, you may contact Mr. James Paul Espiritu to 09477838268 or email us to