While cancer is personal, the cancer experience is not isolated.

Biden Cancer
Dec 10, 2018 · 4 min read

The Biden Cancer Initiative’s #cancerFIERCE campaign continues to tell the collective cancer narrative through the prism of a broad range of cancer experiences.

#cancerFIERCE is a message of strength, resilience, determination, purpose and hope. It celebrates the FIERCE that we know is in everyone touched by cancer — patients, families, caregivers, healthcare providers, researchers, and many more.

Please send us your photo along with a brief narrative (75 words or less) describing a moment when you’ve turned your cancer fears into #cancerFIERCE or share with us what motivates you to stay #cancerFIERCE against so many odds.

Here are just a few of the many incredible submissions we have received over the past few months:

The Gerner Family

“One of the most unspoken pieces of cancer is those directly affected. While the rest of us are certainly healthy, life has changed and it’s almost as though a piece of us is missing. I’ve always wondered how families keep it together and march on into darkness; that was, until it happened to us. I can now tell you exactly HOW it happens. It’s not easy. It’ll never be easy. I wish I could tell you it was. But it only happens TOGETHER. My dad has been the captain of the boat; navigating us and never wavering. My mom has been the 5 star utility player doing anything and everything to make sure everyone is comfortable and happy at all times. My sister has been the breath of fresh air. My brother’s tenacity and attitude in his fight against brain cancer is what ultimately keeps the 5 of us going. It takes each and every one of us, TOGETHER, to beat a foe like brain cancer. TOGETHER, we will beat it; mark my words. #StacheStrong” (Colin Gerner, New York)

Rachel Park

“Often told I’m “too young for cancer.” I was devastated when doctors confirmed my worst fears, and I was diagnosed with Stage IIB triple-negative breast cancer. I’m especially passionate about helping other young breast cancer survivors feel less alone. With a background in fashion, I was determined to keep my fashion sense. During treatment, I foundedhttp://SurvivorModa.com/ and used my sewing skills to create The ParkPuff, a stylish chest-comforting, go-anywhere seatbelt pillow for breast cancer patients worldwide.” (Rachel Park, California)

Mollie and Ryan

“My #cancerFIERCE moment was when I realized not all parents could be with their children during cancer treatment. To not be with your child when they need you the most, unacceptable! We started JUST TRYAN IT to help the families of children with cancer financially, so the family can concentrate on what really matters, the child in treatment.” (Mollie and Ryan, Maryland)

Jennifer Lane-Williams

“Last year on Halloween, I was diagnosed with stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer. I was initially terrified. Over the next few days I cried, prayed, and meditated. Because of my soul searching I became determined to fight this disease with everything I have. I owe it to myself, and my family. I made changes to my diet by including more fruit and vegetables, exercising regularly. This August, I completed my full course the treatments, chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. The battle is not over. I will continue upon my wellness path, for I am determined to beat this disease.” (Jennifer Lane-Williams, Maryland)

Dan Engel

“My odds of survival were less than 5%. I fought through ten surgeries, radiation, gamma knife surgery on a brain tumor and six clinical trials because I couldn’t imagine having to say goodbye to my kids forever. My mission is to give back and help others on their journey. I’ve formed two non-profit organizations, written a memoir, and recently launched http://PatientTrueTalk.com/ to connect newly diagnosed cancer patients with survivors who had similar treatments.” (Dan Engel)

Biden Cancer

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The Biden Cancer Initiative is accelerating progress in cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, research and care through collaboration

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