How to find your buying customers

Today, we’re excited to unveil Bidgram, the simplest way to share sales material and identify your best sales targets — via any device. You can officially test drive our service for free, today!

About a year ago, we realized that there’s a whole new world of B2B sales out there. Buyers were more knowledgeable, more connected and busier than ever. We had an idea of making the buying process easier for customers, engaging them better by improving the overall sales experience, and most importantly of all, we imagined a world where sales reps would know who their interested customers were — instantly.

“Imagine knowing who your engaged customers are. Instantly.”

Our vision and ambition was to reimagine the whole sales experience, from both the buyer’s and seller’s perspective. While there are of course numerous different ways to share sales and marketing material, and ways to discover your truly interested customers (e.g. website tracking, email marketing tools, etc.), we realized there was no single sales enablement tool that seamlessly combined this into a great sales experience throughout the whole sales process — from “prospect” to “closed won”. A run-of-the-mill email may be the de facto standard in business communication but it doesn’t exactly differentiate you from the 20 other cold emails a prospect receives during a normal weekday. Bidgram not only provides you with the insight and tools you need to engage smarter with your interested clients, it also allows you to stand out from the masses.

For salespeople, Bidgram lets you share sales material and identify your best sales targets. You can create a personalized opportunity page for smarter prospect tracking, targeting and engagement. Creating a personalized opportunity page for your prospect or customer is as simple as clicking a button, drag-and-dropping your sales material and instantly sharing your Bidgram page to your customer. Whether you’re working in telesales or field sales, Bidgram provides you with the insight of knowing who your engaged, and truly interested, customers are. While most sales tools focus on a single phase of the sales process a Bidgram page will adapt and support a sales rep during the whole sales process by growing as the opportunity grows.

For Sales Leaders, Bidgram gives you a new set of eyes and ears. Get full visibility into the sales activity of your salesforce and be able to see what your salespeople see and support them during any step of the sales process. Watching an opportunity evolve on Bidgram isn’t a passive experience like on a CRM which relies on static data. On Bidgram, sales leaders are empowered, and can influence the outcome of an opportunity, by seeing how the customer is being engaged and acting on it.

What excites us most about Bidgram is the power of seeing the immediate results of your actions and being able to use that insight to better influence the buyer during the sales process. We’ve always imagined Bidgram as a customer pulse of what your customers are doing right now. CRMs are good at documenting static data about your customers but ultimately relies on the diligence of your salespeople. We believe Bidgram can help further the value of a CRM, as a stand-alone tool or integrated, by giving salespeople a better way to focus their time and effort where it matters. We are thrilled to show what Bidgram can do for your business — and even more excited to see how you will use it.

“Focus your time and effort where it matters.”

Sign up for your free Bidgram account now and start focusing your time and effort where it matters!