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How do you level up as an eBay shopper?

eBay is a powerhouse marketplace of items listed for sale in the world. eBay offers sellers a huge platform to list items in every possible category imaginable. eBay enables thousands of sellers to offer products to millions of shoppers of those categories, but HOW DO SHOPPERS INCREASE THEIR PROFICIENCY?

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What is a Non-Commodity item?

Commodity items on department store shelves

First, a commodity is defined as a mass-produced unspecialized product. You might think of something like corn/wheat, but more specifically products found at your local department store. Commodity items do not require a lot of detailed inspection or consideration to compare alternatives and determine if they are worthy of purchase.

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eBay is an amazing marketplace, and we at Bidiom are huge fans of the resource it provides to millions of people around the world. However, our observation is how much opportunity still exists to innovate and improve the way people shop for items on the website. eBay search results and item detail pages are areas where new shopping concepts can be explored. Improvements that unlock more potential in online shopping & eCommerce are worth $billions.

Search Results

List vs Gallery view on eBay search results

eBay search results are currently presented primarily in a List or Gallery layout as shown in the screenshot above. On a…

Visualizing data is one of the purest feature concepts of what Bidiom is offering. Revisiting the research highlighted in a prior article, “Imagine Advanced Online Shopping”, I mentioned the disassembly of an online marketplace architecture into Objects, Methods, Properties, and Events as well as Layers, Components, Behaviors, Use Cases, etc. If we isolate a few of these then we can explain in greater detail the vision for Visualizing Data in Online Shopping.

Marketplace Architecture MindMap

One of the primary data elements associated with an online item is pictures. It has been said that “A picture is worth a 1000 words”. Pictures allow shoppers…

We at Bidiom have a passion for innovating online shopping. Specifically we would like to see advanced user interfaces applied to online shopping. Innovative features to browse, examine, and take action on inventory. Features like larger pictures, charts, and new layouts are some basic concepts, but also consider three dimensional perspectives, interactive animations, cognitive controls, advanced dashboards, and much more. Bidiom is implementing these concepts and more into an innovative marketplace platform.

Generic Advanced Dashboard Concept

I, Jaye Speaks, have always liked to flip TV channels and see what is on, visually, versus looking at a programming guide. Back in the 80’s & 90’s…


Innovating Marketplaces

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