Imagine Advanced Online Shopping

We at Bidiom have a passion for innovating online shopping. Specifically we would like to see advanced user interfaces applied to online shopping. Innovative features to browse, examine, and take action on inventory. Features like larger pictures, charts, and new layouts are some basic concepts, but also consider three dimensional perspectives, interactive animations, cognitive controls, advanced dashboards, and much more. Bidiom is implementing these concepts and more into an innovative marketplace platform.

Generic Advanced Dashboard Concept

I, Jaye Speaks, have always liked to flip TV channels and see what is on, visually, versus looking at a programming guide. Back in the 80’s & 90’s televisions had more control over tuning, and channel surfing could be done at lightning speed. My home had a TV with picture-in-picture, and I could channel surf in multiple windows at a blistering pace. My brain soaked up the imagery of each flip, and I could immediately determine if the channel contained something I wanted to watch. The nuance of that variant of information consumption is an analogy to what is missing from the current online shopping experience. Our team has concluded that pleasure and purpose in consuming marketplace information visually is a critical factor in the redefinition of the online shopping experience.

At Bidiom we disassembled the marketplace architecture into Objects, Methods, Properties, and Events as well as Layers, Components, Behaviors, Use Cases, etc. We then dreamed of what was possible. When we isolated the marketplace architecture, examined the parts, and brainstormed about ways to re-imagine the different perspectives many concepts materialized. Applying creativity, inspiration, and a mix of practicality to reassemble the parts back into an innovative marketplace platform is interesting and valuable work. That is Bidiom’s mission.

The team has a perspective regarding the future of advanced, online shopping which basically involves each user having a pleasing and purposeful choice. Software is being developed at Bidiom to enable advanced, online shopping. Our first instance of these concepts is an eBay-centric site. eBay is a natural first marketplace because they encourage interface innovation via their marketplace API. Other marketplace partners will follow.

Advanced marketplace interface concepts can be intimidating, and we realize not everyone will adopt them, but there is an audience for this platform. For those who read this and want to explore the concepts and assist us in producing an innovation in online shopping then please create an account. Your feedback is welcome, and it will help us refactor the platform into an amazing resource that provides a tool more powerful than what exist in online shopping today.

Example Cullony Layouts

— Jaye Speaks,

Innovating Marketplaces