Leveling Up on eBay

How do you level up as an eBay shopper?

eBay is a powerhouse marketplace of items listed for sale in the world. eBay offers sellers a huge platform to list items in every possible category imaginable. eBay enables thousands of sellers to offer products to millions of shoppers of those categories, but HOW DO SHOPPERS INCREASE THEIR PROFICIENCY?

Progressing from beginner to intermediate to advanced to increase proficiency

Why increase Shopper Proficiency

Non-Commodity marketplaces like eBay require higher shopper proficiency! Why?… Because eBay offers sellers from every corner of the globe a marketplace to list items. Those sellers build a reputation over time, but they still have a huge range of leeway in their items’ condition, quality, price, etc. Shoppers have the responsibility of discerning an item’s value, and also have to determine if the seller is reputable. Shopping on eBay requires more knowledge, skill, and capability when compared with commodity marketplaces like department stores.

Inventory Fluidity

Non-Commodity marketplaces also have greater inventory fluidity. What is available on eBay today might not be there tomorrow, and what is not available right now could show up in the future. Inventory fluidity is both good and bad, but the key observation is that it is different from commodity marketplaces. Non-commodity marketplace shoppers need more features that facilitate dealing with inventory fluidity.

Bidiom enables Increased Shopper Proficiency

Bidiom has produced a platform that innovates the marketplace shopping features to enable increased shopper proficiency. Leveling up as an eBay shopper means expanding the ability to search, process, and take action beyond the capability offered today in the current website’s features. The fact is shoppers have different needs. They can leverage various ways to shop, monitor, and interact with the eBay marketplace. Some example concepts:

Marketplace Telemetry — The eBay marketplace has a life-like set of activity occurring every moment. Enable the observation of that activity in telemetry like ways.

Concept of Marketplace Telemetry

Vertically Charted Search Result — Effectively reviewing search results is one of the most common hurdles to overcome in finding items. Combine charts and item pictures to locate that needle in the haystack item.

Concept of charted results mixed with imagery

Offering new features that enable shoppers to level up and increase their proficiency can fuel the next chapter in non-commodity eCommerce. Shoppers will gradually take advantage of the benefits offered by the increased proficiency, and the concepts will spread. eBay is a powerhouse marketplace where these new features can unlock enormous potential enabling shoppers to level up.




Innovating Marketplaces

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Innovating Marketplaces

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