Non-Commodity Marketplaces Require Greater Information for Discernment

What is a Non-Commodity item?

Commodity items on department store shelves
Stomper 4x4 toy truck from 1980’s listed on eBay

Non-Commodity Marketplaces

Outdoor market showing busy crowds shopping

Discernment when Shopping Online

Opening a wallet full of money for purchasing items
  • Where can I locate the item I desire or where could I begin to look for it?
  • What are my options for locating and how many of them are available?
  • How quickly can I look through the available items and find what I want?
  • What is the item’s quality/condition and does it meet my requirements?
  • Who is the seller and can they be trusted?
  • Are there other alternatives or discoveries that should be considered?
  • If the item isn’t present today could it be listed in the future?
  • How do I get the item and if it’s being shipped when would it arrive?

Bidiom Facilitates Discernment in Non-Commodity Marketplaces

Process improvement




Innovating Marketplaces

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Innovating Marketplaces

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