BidiPass is rolling out its pipeline of business partnerships to bring in further adoption of crypto to East Asia. By the end of September 2020, BidiPass 2.0 will launch its 2FA application, allowing for any user to earn tokens for verifying their accounts in the same way they would using Google Authenticator.

Mandi Token is a blockchain project based in Jakarta, Indonesia, with the mission of tokenizing a portfolio of real-world assets through Mandi tokens. Each token functions as a digital share and stake in the revenue-generating activities of the Mandi portfolio companies. One of these new developments is Mandi…

Ask Us Anything about the BidiPass project on Sep 15 at 10 PM CET, 3 PM Colombia, and 4 PM EST

We are proud to announce our first AMA session on September 15th. During this videoconference on Zoom, Alberto Cevallos, Tokenomics Advisor, will be answering your questions in English and Spanish. Hosted by César Patiño, PR Manager at BidiPass. Join the users and team members in this conversation!

How to Submit/Ask Questions?

We want you to help us by submitting your questions via Twitter to @BidiPass. Please use the following hashtags corresponding to your language:

Do you have your questions…

BIdiPass 2.0 is just weeks away from launch

Following that will be exchange listings from two very well-known, top tier exchanges. One of the most exciting features of BidiPass’s 2FA application will be the distribution of reward tokens for users who verify their accounts using its 2FA capabilities.

Not only do you add an extra layer of security to your accounts; you can earn tokens and be ushered into a new community of stakeholders in the process, without sacrificing user experience.

BidiPass has a very exciting future when it comes to business execution. Some of the soon-to-be-announced partnerships will create new and exciting streams of revenue for BidiPass…

Anyone who has been in the cryptocurrency scene long enough has probably been the subject of a hack in some form or knows someone who has. While some of the more notorious hacks happened years ago (e.g. Mt. Gox), there are still big exchange breaches occurring in centralized exchanges as recently as February of 2020. This exchange hack resulted in the closing of an Italian exchange called Altsbit.

The prime factor that resulted in the recent Twitter hack was “social engineering” of key employees at Twitter. What that means exactly is uncertain. Nevertheless, there are plenty of security measures to…

Rewarding Users and Raising Awareness on the Use of 2FA

We have kept our heads down for the last couple of months, working on BidiPass 2.0. We are revamping our technical paper with new developments. We have integrated Google’s Authenticator as well as BidiPass’s native authentication mechanism in one app. We are also updating our economic section in the white paper. There, we are elaborating on the tokenometric structure of the BDP digital asset with a focus on how it is earned and used.


These actions are part of our sprint to prepare for the Bidipass 2.0 launch. Our 2.0 app will allow you to use the BidiPass Authenticator with…

The Spread of Phishing, Ransomware, and Scams Concern Experts

While the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak is still causing havoc worldwide, experts show their concern about the future of online business security. The pandemic has left a hard-to-forget toll in human lives in countries like the USA, Italy, Spain, and many others. At publication time, the victims of this virus reach 21k in Spain, with +200k infected people and +80k recovered patients. Though, figures may never be accurate to the unit on this tragedy.

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

Hackers and scammers have not rested in this time of crisis. While the world turns on online services (deliveries, shopping, etc.) more than before, various strategies to trick…

BidiPass (3FA) will become one of the validators available in the Unification Enterprise Alliance

BidiPass will be one of 96 validators providing decentralized blockchain solutions and strong security to Unification users. The high-throughput and strong security of the BidiPass 3FA identity authentication protocol provides several advantages over alternatives offered by Google and Microsoft.

The partnership between BidiPass (3FA) and UEA is a natural fit for furthering the decentralized blockchain solutions available to enterprises.

BidiPass (Grand Cayman) has been announced as a Partner and future Validator available in the Unification Enterprise Alliance (UEA), from the Unification Foundation (Singapore), The Blockchain Company.

BidiPass (3FA), as a partner and future validator, will be one of 96 organizations…

BidiPass’ (3FA) native token will be available on HitBTC since Feb 5th, 2020

We are excited to announce that BidiPass (BDP) will be listed on HitBTC on 2020/02/05 19:00 (GMT+8). BidiPass is ready for the next step, with a usable application on Google and Apple, an SDK available for developers and partnerships. Our token is already listed on some exchanges, more info here.

Listing Details

Once our token is listed, users will be able to trade using the available trading pairs (BTC, ETH, and USDT). The key information about the listing on HitBTC is summarized below:

  • BDP deposits will be available on 2020/02/05 19:00 (GMT+8),
  • BDP/BTC, BDP/ETH, BDP/USDT trading pairs will be available on 2020/02/05…

Why using unsecured services is just as bad as using wrongly implemented 2FA/MFA level security

The use of the internet and online services grows exponentially every year. In 2019, there were at least 4.39 billion internet users (out of the 7.65 billion people worldwide, or above 57%), an increase of 9% concerning 2018. In other words, we are more intertwined than before. Therefore, there is more room for things going wrong in businesses and overall internet regular use. Cyberattacks have increased in proportion to the demand of consumers.

Has security kept toe-to-toe with this tendency? Can we make sure we use secured services?

Multinational companies stay up to date with the latest movement or one…

BidiPass is proud to bring its innovative decentralized security blockchain technology to Latin America

November 29th, 2019 — BidiPass provides a 3FA Protocol Technology that enhances the security of any platform, app, or service whether online or offline. Creex Group is an online education services company that trains and prepares users to achieve financial freedom. Students master the use of the latest digital technologies with their courses. In partnership, they look forward to reaching a large audience in Latin America by offering high-quality services with biometrical security.

BidiPass 3FA and Creex logos
BidiPass 3FA and Creex logos

Creex’s products provide a complete ecosystem where students in the long term can develop sustainable revenue streams. In fact, Creex ecosystem members are more than mere students…


Bringing security to all digital interactions

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