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Bidzina (Gurji) Savanelli — Georgian, PhD., DR., Member of International Scientific Council of Mediterranean Center of Social and Educational Research, Scientific Coordinator and Editor in Chief of Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences Rome, Italy. In 1969 received a degree of candidate of legal sciences (Ph. Dr.) from All-Union Institute of Legal Studies in Moscow (scientific leaders — Prof. Sergey Brattus and Prof. Ekaterina Fleishitz), and degree of Doctor of Legal Sciences from the Tbilisi State University in 1992. He used to be a city judge from 1975 to 1987 and then National Officer of UNHCR. Former active member of New York Academy of Sciences. Manuals: 3 in Georgian Monographs: 7- in English, Georgian and Russian. Reviews on the manuals and monographs: 10 — Australia, Austria, France, Georgia, Italy, Poland, Russia, USA. Some Reviews in brief: 1. On the Monograph of Dr. PhD. Professor Bidzina Savanelli: The Parameters of Transformation of Space and Time in Human Being in the Light of the Theory of Synergetic. “… I am grateful to the author that he has opened me — as the author of the monograph “The concept of the dynamic structure of the atom in the space of potential areas” — a space of common and depth extension of the laws of nature not only in microcosm, but in the life of Humankind. Professor Bidzina V. Savanelli pointed us the way not in a linear arrangement of the world, assuming its single axis having a center, but on sacred geometry, which serve as the center of the linear configuration of forces forming centers outside these linear formations. Dr., Prof. Rahimyan S. Galiev. Grand Ph.D. IAIT (International Academy for Information Technologies), Senior researcher, “Mait”. Main Scientific Area — Physics: Cosmology, Quantum Mechanics, Atomic Physics, The structure and Geometry of Space. 12/02/2016.” 2. On the scientific work of Dr. Bidzina V. Savanleli: “Transformation Parameters of Space and Time in the Human Science from the Viewpoint of Second Law of Thermodynamics”. “… We highly appreciate the scientific work presented by Dr. Bidzina Savanelli. It seems to be the top point of an iceberg which alludes to the great creative work conducted by the researcher to rethink the philosophical problems of modern physics in the context of humanitarian sciences. Mamuka Dolidze, Doctor of philosophy, Professor of Tbilisi State University, Department of humanitarian sciences, Institute of philosophy. 03.09.2016.” 3. “Bidzina Savaneli is recognized as an authority of the Philosophy of Law and founder of International Human Rights Education in Georgia. He was published the first Manual in the History of Georgia: Universal Human Rights Law.” Update, New York Academy of Sciences Magazine, March, 2003, p. 14. 4. “Universal Impact Factor. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences. 2030–2117. Bidzina Savanelli. Universal Impact Factor 0.28210 for Year 2013. We Congratulate Your Extraordinary Achievement. Review Team. Universal Impact Factor”.

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